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Hospital Services

Low-stress Handling ​

Here at Heritage Oak's, we know it’s stressful to come to the vet, so we work hard to offer our patients a low-stress experience in a more home-like environment. We are a Fear Free Certified Hospital We treat our dogs with the warm friendliness they respond to and offer our cats the soft touch they require. 

Euthanasia and Hospice Care

Concerned about your pet’s quality of life? Deciding to euthanize your pet may be one of the most difficult decisions you ever make. One of the most common questions veterinarians hear is, “When should I say goodbye?” This is an intensely personal decision; however, your veterinarian can guide you through this challenging time and help you reach a decision you’re comfortable with. Please consult with us when you first become concerned so we can formulate a plan with appropriate end of life care.


One thing you’ll never see at Heritage Oaks is a bank of boarding kennels. Here we believe that a veterinary facility should only house hospitalized patients –– for the benefit of sick and well patients, alike. The exception is for chronically ill patients alone. For those who require special care when their owners go out of town, we’re willing to make arrangements.


Another thing you’ll never see at Heritage Oaks is a dedicated grooming parlor. We do, however, make exceptions for patients who require  sedation grooming for non-cosmetic reasons. It also bears noting that the word “effective” should replace “attractive” in any description of our grooming services. Though we do aim to please, show-quality grooming is not our area of expertise. (Fair warning.)


This procedure is quick and easy and helps reunite you with your pets should they find themselves lost or stolen. No anesthesia or sedation necessary!

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